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MPM4: The Coins of Pontius Pilate
by Jean-Philippe Fontanille and Sheldon Lee Gosline
Bilingual English and French Edition

[ii-iii] Foreword
[iv-vii] Color Plates
[2-3] Acknowledgements and Foreword
[4] Abbreviations and Preface
[5-6] 1: Introduction
[7-13] 2: Judea in Pilate's Time
[14-16] 3: Jewish Money Before Pilate
[17-33] 4: Pontius Pilate : The Person
[34-38] 5: How Pilate Coins Differ
[39-77] 6: Study of Pilate's Coinage
[78-79] 7: Conclusion
[80-81] A: Coin Values and Prospects
[82-102] B: Pilate's Coins and Turin Shroud
[103-105] Table of Classification
[106-110] Bibliography
[111-176] French Version


Who was Pontius Pilate? How do his coins relate to Jesus? This book explores how we divide myth from fact!

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Excerpt Below
Prof. Fontanille is the leading expert on the coins of Pontius Pilate. Prof. Gosline is a leading historian of the ancient Near East. They work together to provide a vivid study.


"World renowned for his Pilate coins research" James Wiles (Coneca President)
"Very interesting" Prof. Mahlon H. Smith (Rutgers University, New Brunswick)
"A very interesting work" Prof. Timothy J. Madigan (University of Rochester)
"An infectious enthusiasm for the subject" James Bakes (Editor, The Journal of CMNS)
"Extremely interesting" Anton Marks (World Zionist Org., Webmaster Hagshama Dept)
"Highly interesting" Rune Rysstad (Editor Numisma Asloia, Norway)
"Very nice and informative" Edgar L. Owen (Numismatist)
"Very well written, very informative" Guy Clark (Numismatist)
"An excellent work" Jim Thompson (CoinMasters Administrative Vice-President)
"In-depth and fascinating" Robert S. Koppelman (Webmaster
"A very interesting material" John Smedley (Publisher, Ashgate Publishing Ltd, U.K.)
"Fascinating" Frances Arnold (Mc Millan Press, Publishing Director College Division)
"A very interesting subject to write about" Fergie Meek (Publisher, Scotland's Past)
"Really fascinating" Ian M. Thompson (Christian Focus Publications General Manager)
"A remarkable study" (Jean-Marc Doyen, Pub. Bulletin du Cercle d'Etudes Numismatiques)
"Interesting and informative" Perry Siegel (Herakles numismatics)