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Independent Titles (click on title to get book details)

Here is a list of our titles not published in a series.

Muslims in the West: Redefining the Separation of Church & State by Sami A. Aldeeb Abu-Sahlieh
Lilac Moon (a mystery novel) by Shelly Frome
Z O O N A U T S : The Secret of Animalville (youth sci-fi - cloth) by Richard Mueller, illustrations by Egidio Victor Dal Chele, original concept by David Simons
Z O O N A U T S : The Secret of Animalville (revised sci-fi paper) by Richard Mueller, revised by Sheldon Lee Gosline
Ba'th Soldier: An Analysis of the Saddam-Era Iraqi Warfighter by Matthew M. Yalch, edited by Sheldon Lee Gosline
Hieratic Paleography - ISSN 1527-2281 and
Other Ancient Languages
(click on title to get book details)

A new paleography series for ancient Egyptian hieratic. Other books concerning ancient languages are published independently.

Writing Late Egyptian Hieratic by Sheldon Gosline
Late Egyptian Font Set by Sheldon Gosline
Introductory Late Egyptian by Sheldon Gosline
(NOT YET AVAILABLE) Late Egyptian Stories by Sheldon Gosline
Late Egyptian Letters (A1-D60) by Sheldon Gosline
(NOT YET AVAILABLE) Late Egyptian Letters (E1 ff) by Sheldon Gosline
(NOT YET AVAILABLE) Late Egyptian Medical Texts by Sheldon Gosline
Introduction to Biblical Hebrew - Student Book by Charles David Isbell
with CD-rom
Introduction to Biblical Hebrew - Teacher's by Charles David Isbell
with CD-rom
Marco Polo Monographs - ISSN 1527-2265 (click on title to get book details)

A monograph series, highlighting innovative academic research in arts, humanities, law, medicine and social sciences. Series editor, Sheldon Lee Gosline: gosline@hotmail.com .

Written in the Stars: Ancient Zodiac Mosaics by Lester Ness
Archaeogender: Studies in Gender's Material Culture by Sheldon Gosline
God's Scribes: How the Bible Became the Bible by Charles David Isbell
The Coins of Pontius Pilate by Jean-Philippe Fontanille & Sheldon Gosline
Male & Female Circumcision: Among Jews, Christians & Muslims by Sami A. Aldeeb Abu Sahlieh
Roman Hospitality: The Professional Women of Pompeii by John DeFelice
Philistines: Giving Goliath His Due by Neal Bierling
Manetho: A Study in Egyptian Chronology by Gary Greenberg
Funding Exploration: The Future of Science and Discovery by Bill Vartorella and Don Keel
Goddess and God: A Holy Tension in the First Christian Centuries by Val Abrahamsen
Symposiaka - ISSN 1527-2272 (click on title to get book details)

A bold new symposium series, for leading issues of our times.

Millennium, Madness & Mayhem: Eschatology East & West edited by Christopher Beall
Beyond Marriage: Same-Sex Bonding edited by Jerise Fogel

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